Glacier Veins: Clear Your Head [Review]

The current dreamo-punk four piece from Portland, Glacier Veins, breathes with a fresh sound in their June 12th release of Clear Your Head.

The title of the EP, suggests a huge theme against unhelpful thoughts and coping with loss in many forms, but notably post-relationship. Continue reading “Glacier Veins: Clear Your Head [Review]”

It’s not the end, it’s what comes after

POST FEST | two years of music you can feel

Celebrating the second year since specialty music show The Post hit KGRG FM in 2014, Post Fest brought seven acts of all ages and styles to Real Art Tacoma playing to the tune of music you can feel. Continue reading “It’s not the end, it’s what comes after”

Music ownership in a streaming world

Powered by NW Post Rock Collective–JP & Graves discuss what the future might be like and debate what that might mean for fans and bands.


Compass & Knife-Redefining Silence
Compass & Knife-Drowned in Desire
Compass & Knife-Our Home is a Memory
Another Neighbor Disappeared-Coasting in Equilibrium
A Collective Subconscious-Manchurian Candidate
Long Hallways-We Keep Going
Long Hallways-Two Steps
A Collective Subconscious-Cultural Operating System

Seattle is Lonesome & Crowded

Modest Mouse front-man Isaac Brock at Sasquatch 2015 [Photo by JP]
[Infrastructure Commentary]

Isaac Brock was right.

In the second LP released by Modest Mouse The Lonesome Crowded West, front-man Brock predicted the now-inevitable metropolitan megalopolis that will end the Seattle-Tacoma area as we know it. Continue reading “Seattle is Lonesome & Crowded”

Rayfest builds up next generation

This guy hopes to help Real Art Tacoma with a festival named after him

To get a better understanding of the second festival of the year at Real Art Tacoma we thought we’d ask the man Rayfest is named after ten questions.


Continue reading “Rayfest builds up next generation”

Max Bemis literally could Say Anything

New record “I Don’t Think it Is” breaks the rules by breaking first

Working in media there are moments where worlds collide. It can feel a little formulaic in what to expect from artists even in a world that sticks it’s nose up to convention and the norm.

Say Anything & Max Bemis continues to break the mold they’ve created. Continue reading “Max Bemis literally could Say Anything”